Featured Fundraising Events

Banh Mi Sale on Sproul @ Cal

Find us tabling on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley if you would like to help us sell Banh Mi Sandwiches or if you would like to purchase a sandwich from us! We sell a variety of sandwiches from Saigon Express for just $6 per sandwich!

Krispy Kreme Fundraisers @ SF

We fundraise in San Francisco by various BART stations by selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts by the dozen! Support us by helping us sell these boxes or buying a box from us. A box of a dozen doughnuts is just $10! 

Where does the money raised from fundraisers go?

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All of the proceeds we receive from our fundraisers go to buying medical supplies (vitamins, vaccinations, etc.) that we need in order to host our free mobile health clinics! None of the money that we raise from our VMO group fundraisers will go toward trip member personal expenses. Trip members either pay for their expenses out of pocket or have their own personal fundraisers to pay for their flights and other trip expenses.